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Dont Be Afraid. Be Prepared.

Disasters happen. Most houses are insured against it, but no home is immune from it. Depending on your location, you may be prone to tornadoes, ice storms, hurricanes, flash floods, forest fires, or blackouts. And we’re all vulnerable to the threat of nation-wide catastrophes, such as economic collapse.

The more you watch the news, the more you may be tempted to fear these fates. But as the late President Franklin D. Roosevelt warned us, fear is the worst fate of all. Because you may never be victimized by a tornado, hurricane or flood. But if you succumb to fear, you are a victim already.

That’s why we offer this advice: Don’t be afraid. Be prepared. When you have the survival knowledge you need, accompanied by the tools and supplies to weather the worst scenarios, then fear is precluded. It cannot thrive in a home that’s ready for any disaster.

We are Just In Case. We carry a wide selection of educational materials and preparedness products, but we’re not here to make a sale. We’re here to offer you that peace of mind that only comes with true preparedness. And while you’re here with us, we’d love to learn more about you, and how we can help make that happen in your life.

Please feel free to contact us through this website, call us at 417-429-4911, or drop in to our store to talk to us anytime we’re open. Everyone is different, and we know that. We’ll help you develop a plan, and a kit, that’s right for you and your family.

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